duminică, 19 februarie 2012

Trends this spring!

After this terrible winter, with all that coooold snow, I can hardly wait for spring. Although it seems really far away, I can help but to hope it will be here soon! This winter has overstayed its welcome!
In order to warm things up, I decided to write about this spring's trends. I chose beautiful items from some designers that I personally love. They are: Carolina Herrera, Diane von Furstenberg, Badgley Mishka.
Carolina Herrera chose some wonderful colors for this year. I simply love the shade of green (reminds me of grass-so typically spring). But also, among the strong shades of green or yellow, I love the floral pattern-thank God it's on this spring, cause I've got plenty of floral clothes from last summer-also the neutral shades of gray, beige or light blue are great! Easy to wear, and we can wear lots of jewelry because they won't over load our outfit!

Badgley and Mishka also chose beige (a radiant shade)  for lots of their beautiful clothes, but they also went for strong colors such as hot orange!, turquoise or fucsia. My personal favorite is the glittery beige and turquoise dress. I simply adored it! Also we can identify the floral pattern again(this 1st dress).

The designs of Diane von Furstenberg are vaporous, easy to wear and simple concerning the colors. I find these colors refined and easy to match.  They seem comfy and perfect for a warmer spring.

Well, ending my first "Trend Post" I would like to state the fact that these are the official photos from the Mercedes Benz fashion show.  Among these gorgeous brands I have many other personal favorites and they will come soon!

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