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Dreaming of summer I completely forgot to introduce myself. I am Olguta, passionate about fashion, in love with shoes and make up. I created this blog to share my likes and dislikes, the styles I find interesting and all the things that I believe are worth showing. This blog is not meant to be about me 100%, it is about everything beautiful and inspiring (of course, presented in a subjective manner).
First of all, this is me...I know it's a weird picture. It's actually from my prom (sort of...), but I consider it really shows exactly who I am (so sorry you can't see the shoes, but they will come in a different post-beautifull black glittery 12cm stillettos.-).
My natural hair colour is plain brown. And although my eyes seem red, they are green actually, but these are not important details, that I only want to share  to give my introduction post a decent look. (this picture was taken at my 18th birthday, two years ago...that's right I am 20 right now}

More about me... well I am a fighter (literary in this photo), I have many goals that I look forward to achieve and many dreams to fullfill. First of all, I am an accountant to be, sounds borring, but it's actually not so lame. It's a pretty interesting field, once you get to know it. Don't get me wrong I have only known it for like a year  (well besides the fact that I've been studying it for 2 at the university). I work a fulltime job in this field... but I'm not sure yet if this is what I am supposed to do.
One of my favorite places on Earth is Paris. It was a dream come true when I visited Paris... all those beautiful stores, loveable coffee, beaaautiful accent, inspiring street fashion. I simply loved it and can't wait to go back and see more.. but since this is not a post about Paris, I will stop now. But there will be a post about Paris...or many!
Again another picture that reveals one of my features that I am not proud of. I cannot decide! I have to decide, I like to decide but I can't. Whether we're talking about decisions in shopping for shoes or bigger ones, I can hardly choose, and when I do, most of the time I get it wrong. Although I am sure most of my friends think otherwise of me, I know who I am :-)!

I also love drawing, I have been dreaming for years to become a fashion designer, but for now I gave up on that. Hopefully faith leads me to it!

This is an old picture of me, I think I was 16 or maybe 17 I can't really remember! Inspite of that, I believe this is a very expressive photo of me. My favorite type of make up (note the eyeliner-it wasn't my best work though!)

This is my boy friend, my beloved baby, Sorin. We weren't together yet, when we had this picture taken, but it followed soon after, after a couple of months or something like that. We've been together ever since! (Everywhere together-coming soon)
 PS: You get the chance to see the shoes I was talking about! Don't worry they will have their own post soon-together with my other beautiful acquisitions.


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