duminică, 15 aprilie 2012

Happy Easter!

I wish you all the best! Have a beautiful and happy Easter among your loved ones. May this holiday bring only peace and wonderful things to each of us.

My upcoming post will reveal everything about my Easter, but until then, Happy holidays!

sâmbătă, 7 aprilie 2012

Puss in Clothes

Last week my friends and I were involved in some sort of a photo shooting for a great store in our city. This store is called "Motanul Imbracat" which means "Puss in clothes", it used to be called "Puss in boots" when they  were only selling shoes, but now they also sell clothes (beautiful clothes). The photo shooting was extremely fun, I never thought such things are so pleasant! I had a great time trying on all those clothes and I would do it again any time. It was awesome to have my best friends with me, sharing this wonderful experience. Tell me what you think about the clothes!

Saptamana trecuta, eu si prietenele mele cele mai bune am "pozat" in diferite tinute pentru un magazin grozav din orasul nostru. Probabil ati auzit de "Motanul Imbracat", magazinul in regim de consignatie cu foarte multe rochii, genti, pantofi si chiar si accesorii extraordinare. Daca nu, va puteti convinge, urmarind pozele noastre. Desi nu am mai participat niciodata la un photo shooting, ma declar amatoare. Nu credeam ca va fi asa de distractiv si de grozav sa petrecem o zi printre haine superbe si pantofi eleganti. (haha, de fapt eram sigura, insa imi faceam griji de partea cu pozatul, deoarece niciuna dintre noi nu a mai facut asta-la modul "profesionist") Vreau sa aud pareri cu privire la hainele si pantofii prezentati! 


party dress
white dress <3
(i love the belt)
office dress-Aldo Shoes!

summer colors

little black dress (ps check out the necklace)
event gown
evening gown
*wearing my favorite dress from the shop & Motivi shoes