vineri, 24 februarie 2012

Inspiration vs. Impersonation

Throughout the years, many of the celebs chose all sorts of role models. Many of them managed to build their own image by promoting trends that have already been established by their forerunners.  Choosing a role model, an inspirational icon is completely different than choosing someone to impersonate. I managed to put together a post based on “immortal trends”, that haunt our celebrities.
Today's post is all about pictures, that reveal the trends that will never die and the icons that managed to write history! I will not comment or call people copycats, I only want to underline the fact that we let ourselves be inspired by people who managed to make themselves noticed.

De-a lungul aniilor, o mare parte dintre celebritati si-au ales modele, persoane care ii inspirau din punct de vedere vestimentar, in majoritatea cazurilor. De asemenea au fost multi cei care si-au construit o imagine bazata pe un stil deja existent si bine conturat, de predecesorii lor. Alegerea unui model este complet diferita de intruchiparea, imitarea sa. Am conturat acest post cu ajutorul “trendurilor nemuritoare” care tind sa ne “bantuie” vedetele chiar si in ziua de azi, insa nu numai.Postul de astazi este creat pe un set de imagini menite sa expuna trenduri nemuritoare si vedete ce au reusit sa se "eternizeze" prin look-ul lor. Acest post nu este menit sa expuna imitatii, ci sa sublinieze faptul ca toti tindem sa ne lasam inspirati si influentati de persoane ce au reusit sa faca din aparitiile lor momente de neuitat, evident din punct de vedere vestimentar.

1. Marylin Monroe
Blake Lively
Scarlett Johansson

Demi Lovato

Paris Hilton
2. Audrey Hepburn

Leighton Meester

Leighton Meester

Sarah Jessica Parker

Freida Pinto

Beyonce Knowles

Penelope Cruz

Kim Kardashian (headpiece inspired by Audrey Hepburn's jewelry)

3. Mia Farrow
Pixie Haircut
Emma Watson

Michelle Williams

Fun fact: If you type "Carrie Bradshaw" intro google search engine, among shots from Sex and the city you will also find lots and lots of pictures with Blake Lively. Why is that? I think we know... xoxo

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  1. iconic figures like Marilyn and Audrey are always inspirations!! and it's good to look back and use their timeless looks in our profit :))