vineri, 17 februarie 2012

Summer Dreams...

   I've been dreaming about summer.. ever since the winter started. I miss warmth! I've never really liked winter and I've never enjoyed snow. Anyways, since it's my first post I was thinking to bring summer back!!
   My friends and I went to Montenegro this summer, and frankly we had a blast, even though I wasn't very confident. At first this country didn't seem appealing to me, but when we got there I realized how wrong I was. We had a great time, and everything seemed sooooo cheap, comparing to other countries.
 For some reason I found this statue extremely beautiful and elegant.

 On a short cruise to Dubrovnik (that's actually in Croatia)

These following pictures are from Dubrovnnik. That's also a beautiful place! It's actually a citadel. Some sort of a fortress, but inside you will find incredible stuff! Even designer stores...

These are in Montenegro, St. Stephan's.
My first outfit post :)). I was wearing my Victoria's Secret bathing suit, that I got on sale (it was an amazing sale, by the way!)

This is me and one of my best friends, Andreea. I was wearing a random top (which I wore as a dress) I think it was bought from C&A at an amazing price of 3 euros (more or less)..but the shoes are from Aldo, and I've loved them since the moment I laid eyes on them.

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