miercuri, 14 martie 2012

Spring Inspiration

Unfortunately today I wasn't able to take photos of my outfit, but I created this mix of items, on polyvore.com  that I simply love. Waiting for spring I was thinking of all sorts of possible outfits for warm weather-not the case, yet- but when spring is here, I will be prepared! You should try polyvore too, it's real fun and can be really helpfull if you are making up a shopping list! haha
I chose cheap clothes & accessories-Afordable Fashion-The H&M dress is the main item of my collage, because I actually bought it a few days ago. Do you like it? I loved the pale pink, but you can find it in different shades (red, black, royal blue, and others).

Din nefericire, nu am gasit ocazia pe parcursul zilei de azi sa fac poze tinutei, insa m-am jucat putin pe polyore.com, creand o combinatie de articole absolut adorabile, inspirate de primavara-ce nu mai vine. 
Pentru acest mix am folosit doar haine si accesorii relativ ieftine (cu mici exceptii). Am ales rochia H&M ca piesa de referinta in colaj, deoarece am cumparat-o de cateva zile. Eu am optat pentru aceasta nuanta de roz pal, insa se poate gasi si pe rosu, negru, albastru royal si altele. 

Price List:
1. H&M Dress  20 euros
2. Florence Luxe Stretch Bracelet 12 euros
3. Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture 32 euros   (dress+bracelet-haha)
4. Zara Bag 45 euros
5. Floral Wood Platform 32 euros
6. Retro Rossie Earrings 7 euros
The prices might differ, because I made the conversions, between other currencies and euros.
Preturile pot sa difere putin deoarece eu am facut conversiile de la alte monede in euro.

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